Real Adoption Stories

It is always amazing to hear about pet adoption success stories. Here are a selection of some of the heartwarming tales from a local animal adoption center in our area.

Adopt a Stuffed Animal Panther

Pet Name: Panther

History: Panther was brought to an animal shelter as an orphaned kitten. There was no information about what happened to her mother. American Pet Rescues founder Mignonne fostered little Panther until she was ready for her new home.

New Home: Panther is such a loving girl and enjoys being held and cuddled. She will purr for hours! She is an indoor cat and loves to play with the other animals in her home - although she can sometimes be a little bit rough!

Pet Name: Pumpkin

History: Pumpkin was handed in at an animal shelter as a very young, orphaned kitten. He was fostered by Mignonne until he was old enough to be adopted by his forever family.

New Home: Pumpkin is a lovable boy who purrs all the time! He loves playing, even with the dogs! He is a little rough, so needed a forever home that did not have young children.

Adopt a Stuffed Animal Pumpkin
Adopt a Stuffed Animal Luke

Pet Name: Luke

History: This sweet little boy was found at just 2 weeks old with no trace of his mother. He was tested for worms and parasites and both were negative. He was also checked for fleas and was given a clean bill of health. Luke is very happy around people and just wants to be loved!

New Home: Luke was fostered by Mignonne and got along great with her German Shepherd and Border Collie as well as the other foster kittens in the house. This prepared him to settle in well to his forever home even if there were existing pets in the home.

Pet Name: The Orphan Kittens

History: Blackie, Midnight, and Dawn were three tiny kittens brought to an animal shelter while very young without their mother. They were fostered by a volunteer until ready for adoption.

New Home: The orphans soon settled into a new home together and are having a wonderful time playing together. They love to cuddle up together and are almost always purring!

Adopt a Cat Knoxville
Adopt a Kitten Knoxville

Pet Name: Smokey

History: Smokey found herself in an animal shelter while pregnant and soon gave birth to a litter of 6 kittens, including a set of twins! She is a wonderful mother and raised her little furballs to be loving cats that were adopted out to wonderful homes.

New Home: With all of her babies rehomed, it was time for Smokey to find her own forever home. She is getting comfortable with her new doggie brothers and looks forward to a long and happy life.

Pet Name: Casey

History: Miss Casey arrived in the rescue center heavily pregnant and was fostered by a volunteer in time to have her kittens. She had 4 boys and 1 girl, but just a few weeks later, this loving mother took in a newborn boy who had lost his mother and raised him like his.

New Home: Casey and her kittens were all adopted out to loving homes and have all settled in to life with their new families.

Rescue Cats Knoxville
Rescue Kittens Knoxville

Pet Name: Princess Di

History: Meet Princess Di! She was found abandoned and pregnant and soon gave birth to a litter of 7 kittens (5 boys and 2 girls). Once ready to be rehomed, the kittens were adopted, many of them alongside one of their siblings.

New Home: With all the kittens safely adopted, Princess Di was ready to find her own forever home alongside 3 other cats to give her plenty of company.

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