Adopt a Pet Fraulein

Meet our new adoptable dog, Fraulein.

When you adopt a stuffed animal from American Pet Rescues, you will receive a quality plush stuffed animal that represents the real-life rescue animal, Fraulein. You can read her story below. All profits go towards building an Animal Rescue Center in the Knoxville area.

Meet Fraulein, the Cat Herding Shepard

Once upon a time in a faraway land full of hills and forests, lived a young dog named Fraulein. Fraulein means "lady" in the German language, and she truly was a lady in every sense of the word. She was about a year old, and no one knew where she came from. She had no collar, no chip, and was very afraid, especially of thunderstorms.

One day, the local animal control found her wandering in the hills and took her to the animal shelter. There, she met a very kind volunteer named Mimi. Mimi noticed how scared Fraulein was during the thunderstorms, so she would sit with her at night. Fraulein would crawl into Mimi's lap and tremble with fear. It wasn't long before Mimi fell in love with Fraulein and decided to adopt her, especially since no one came to claim her.

Fraulein Animal Rescue Story

At her new home, Fraulein quickly bonded with Mimi’s other rescued animals—dogs and cats alike. Everyone could see that Fraulein had a sweet and loving nature.

Then one magical night, Fraulein became a hero!

Mimi and her husband, Jack, came back home from a dinner date only to find their back door wide open. Their hearts sank. All ten of the cats they were fostering had disappeared into the night! Panicked, Mimi and Jack grabbed flashlights and started searching the nearby woods.

Little did they know, Fraulein was already on the job. Acting like a true shepherd, she was "herding" the cats! One by one, she gently guided them back towards the house. And if you know anything about cats, getting them to do anything is nearly impossible! But not for Fraulein—she had a way with felines. They just listened to her.

After rounding up the last adventurous cat, Fraulein proudly walked back into the house, tail wagging. Mimi and Jack couldn't believe their eyes—all ten cats were safely back inside, thanks to Fraulein.

Exhausted but happy, Fraulein settled down by the warm fire. She climbed onto Mimi’s lap and finally rested, her eyes closing with contentment. Mimi looked down at her brave, sweet Fraulein and felt her heart swell with gratitude and love. "You truly are a special lady, Fraulein," she whispered, as they both drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the many adventures yet to come.

And so, in a cozy home filled with love, laughter, and a bunch of rescued pets, Fraulein became a cherished member of the family, always ready to lend a paw whenever anyone was in need.

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