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Meet our new adoptable kitty, Cinder. This is Cinder’s real story. She’s a two-year old Maine Coon, which is one of biggest breeds of domestic cats in North America. Maine Coons love to hunt. Like all cats, they should wear bells around their necks or be kept inside to prevent them from hurting birds and other wildlife. They are the official cat from the State of Maine, where this breed began.

When you adopt a stuffed animal from American Pet Rescues, you will receive a quality plush stuffed animal that represents the real life rescue animal, Cinder. You can read her story below. All profits go towards building an Animal Rescue Center in the Knoxville area.

Cinder's Story: The Power of a Mother's Love

Cinder lost her home and her human family. No one knows what really happened to them. But we do know this...

Cinder wandered a stretch of wild woods by herself. But she wasn’t alone—she had a belly full of baby kittens. Then one stormy night under a stump, Cinder gave birth to five beautiful kittens. She licked them clean, cuddled them and took a snooze. She dreamed of warm, safe home for her babies.

At dawn the next day, Cinder went hunting. She couldn’t rest long because she knew she needed to eat so her body could make milk for her hungry kittens. So, she ate whatever she could catch: Field mice, birds and even bugs and lizards. Cinder is quite the hunter!

Adopt a Stuffed rescue Animal Cinder
Adopt a Pet Calle Cinder

One day she was out hunting when suddenly she heard the frighten meowing of her kittens. She sprinted back to the stump and was shocked by what she saw. A large coyote was tearing into the stump trying to get her kittens! She hissed and snarled and made herself look as big and scary as could. She charged at the coyote. He tried to snap his jaws around her throat. But Cinder was faster and he nipped her chin instead. The coyote charged again. Cinder had only one chance to save herself and her kittens. She leapt up with her powerful paws and scratched the coyote in the eye. The coyote yelped.

A little girl and her mother were picking berries and heard cat and coyote fighting. They chased the coyote away. Then they scooped up Cinder and her kittens and took them to their local Animal Rescue Center. One of the volunteers at the shelter took Cinder home to nurse her back to health. Then a week later, an orphan kitten was dropped off at the animal adoption center and Cinder adopted her. Then two more orphan kittens were brought in and Cinder adopted both of them as well!

Keeping eight kittens fed when Cinder could only nurse six at one time was quite a feat!

Today, Cinder lives in a safe, beautiful home where she doesn’t have to worry about coyotes. All her eight kittens have grown up into healthy, beautiful cats with wonderful homes of their own. Maybe one day, you’ll adopt a pet cat just like Cinder? If now isn't the right time to invite a new pet into your family, you can adopt a stuffed animal version of Cinder instead!

Cinder - Adopt a stuffed animal

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